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1Where can I buy?
Currently there are several distributor's that are selling our product. Click on the top link (Where To Buy)
2How do i become a distributor?
To become qualified distributor, please use the contact us tab and send us a email. Well provide you with the qualifications to distribute our product.
3How to Private label a product?
Our products include Cleaners (including DfE compliant), Renewable Resource Products, Degreasers, Lubricants, Insecticides, Deodorants, Air Fresheners, Disinfectants and Specialty Chemical Products including Aerosols, Liquids, Wipes and Powders. UNMATCHED EXPERIENCE We have a full team of experienced chemists that work with you to choose one of thousands of different formulas that will best meet your needs or we will design a formula based on your performance requirements. Our Regulatory Department ensures your products comply with state and federal laws including new GHS labeling requirements. Our Quality Control Department ensures formulas and packaging meet exact standards. Our Graphic Arts Department designs labels specific to your requests with your company logo. There are over 120 sales professionals (direct and representatives) support our customers throughout North, Central and South America.
4I have an idea for a product.